Support Extension - Free registration for ALL non-presenting ICRS 2022 VIRTUAL participants based in low-, low-middle, and upper-middle income countries

Increasing equity, inclusion, and diversity at the upcoming 15th ICRS 2022 in Bremen, Germany, is a top priority for the International Coral Reef Society and the Organizers of the 15th ICRS 2022. Therefore, the International Coral Reef Society is contributing $50,000 in new sponsorship to the 15th ICRS 2022.

Earlier this year, we offered free registration to all ICRS member virtual presenters from low, low-middle, and upper-middle income coutries. We are happy to announce that we are extending free registration for ALL VIRTUAL non-presenting participants currently employed and residing in low, lower-middle, and upper-middle income economy countries (as defined by the World Bank).

Qualified applicants will be granted free registration for the virtual platform and archive of ICRS 2022. Qualified applicants must be current members of the International Coral Reef Society and be employed/enrolled by/in an institution or organization in a qualifying country.

If you are not already an ICRS Member, you can join online here. The cost of membership is scaled according to your country of residence and student/non-student status.

To apply, please send your proof of current ICRS membership and current work/home address in an E-mail to by 31 May 2022.

You will then receive a link to register yourself ONLINE for ICRS 2022 VIRTUAL at no costs.
We look forward to your active contribution to an exciting and inclusive 15th ICRS 2022!

Andrea Grottoli, ICRS President
Joanie Kleypas, ICRS Vice-President and ICRS EDI Committee Chair
Christian Wild, 15th ICRS 2022 Organizing Committee Chair