Dear coral reef community and interested visitors

We are pleased to announce that we successfully completed the 14th ICRS 2021 Virtual and the 15th ICRS as In-person event in Bremen, Germany.

The just completed 15th International Coral Reef Symposium included 9 Plenary Talks, a Science-to-Policy Dialogue Event, 2 Social Tours, 6 Science Tours and 12 Workshops as well as 791 in-person oral and poster presentations plus 193 oral and poster presentations on the virtual platform. You can watch and discuss all contributions on the virtual platform in the conference archive for another year, i.e. until July 2023.

The 15th ICRS in Bremen, Germany, was the primary international conference on coral reef science, conservation and management, which brought together leading scientists, early career researchers, conservationists, ocean experts, policy makers, managers and the public. The symposium was a key event to develop science-based solutions addressing the present and future challenges of coral reefs, which are globally exposed to unprecedented anthropogenic pressures. The event presented the latest scientific findings and ideas, provided a platform to build the essential bridges between coral reef science, conservation, politics, management and the public, and promoted public and political outreach. 

The University of Bremen, supported by the Bremen Convention Bureau (BCB), organized the 15th ICRS. We welcome you all to find out more about the past conference on this website.

Now, we look forward to the 16th International Coral Reef Symposium taking place in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2026.

Results of the ICRS 2021/22 Photo Contest

Dear participants of the ICRS 2022 photo contest. We are very happy to announce that despite all the difficulties caused by Covid 19, we were now able to successfully complete our photo contest. The jury, consisting of the ICRS organizing committee, has recently selected the three winners of each category. The decision was not easy for us, because the quality of the submitted images was consistently high.



The ICRS 2022 is the first climate neutral in-person ICRS ever conducted. 

Please find the comprehensive carbon footprint calculation here

Endorsed UN Ocean Decade Activity

The ICRS 2022 with all its events is now part of the UN OCEAN DECADE ACTIVITIES. More infos about the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development?
Click here

Conference proceedings of ICRS 2021 VIRTUAL and ICRS 2022 IN-PERSON

The new Open Access international journal OCEANS will publish as conference proceedings two Special Issues related to ICRS 2021 VIRTUAL and ICRS 2022 IN-PERSON. Registered participants of both ICRS events with accepted abstracts can submit related papers.


ECO Magazine - Special Issue

The ECO Magazine Special Issue on Coral Reefs in partnership with the 14th ICRS 2021 VIRTUAL is now available online. 

It includes many amazing stories from various fields of coral reef science, conservation and management.

Read on at ECO Magazine HERE

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