Guidelines for Chairs

Please, find below information about the role of session chairs during ICRS 2022 in Bremen:

1. Check the conference scheduleand Program Book to see when your session(s) is/are taking place and to see the order of talks. You can download the schedule here:

2. Prepare a short, one sentence, introduction for each speaker in your session.

3. Please, be in the room 10 min before the start of your session, to get some final instructions and check if the presenters are present.

4. A typical presentation lasts 12 min, so that subsequently 2-3 min can be used for discussion that is moderated the chair(s). In some cases, presentations may be slightly shorter or longer so that discussion time needs to be adjusted accordingly by the chair(s).

5. To give the presenters in your session an indicator of the time that is left for their talk we introduce a card-system (cards are provided on-site): holding up the yellow card means “2 minutes left” while the red card means “time is up”. Please, keep an eye on the timing and use the cards accordingly.

6. During the session you will be supported by two student chair assistants of our team, who help with the technical support along with a professional technician (e.g., starting the next presentations or handling the microphones) and the bridging of virtual and on-site component.

7. Please also join the poster session on Tuesday evening to give feedback to all poster presenters in your session. And please announce poster presentations in your onsite session plus announce virtual contributions (ePoster and eTalks) to your session on the virtual platform.