Information regarding abstract submission and registration for the 15th ICRS 2022

The 15th ICRS 2022 is planned as an in-person event in Bremen, Germany, from July 3 to 8. Therefore, this event primarily addresses personal presentation of talks and posters during the event. Poster evening sessions will be particularly attractive at the 15th ICRS since no parallel events take place and finger food and drinks are provided during these sessions. We also aim to stream and archive all in-person oral presentations on the virtual conference platform so that they can be discussed there.

In addition, the 15th ICRS 2022 will provide remote virtual participation opportunities, i.e. the availability of pre-recorded talks and e-posters with linked speed talks on the virtual conference platform and archive similar as successfully carried out during the 14th ICRS 2021 Virtual. Exchange and discussion will be possible via the related chats on the platform at any time during the 15th ICRS 2022 and months after via the archive. Yet, there will be no moderated virtual live-discussions during the conference week. Virtual contributions will be included in the scientific program but not in the schedule during the conference week.

All previously accepted abstracts will keep their status as oral or poster presentation, but can be updated at the beginning of 2022 during re-submission. In addition, we invite new abstract submissions to include very fresh research findings in the scientific program of the 15th ICRS 2022. While these new abstract submissions need to be evaluated, we want to carry out this evaluation in a rapid procedure. Overall, we did and will accept more than 98 % of all submitted abstracts. Only those abstracts that are written in a quality and language that heavily impede their understandability have been and will be rejected.

Because of the abovementioned strategy and time constraints, we have to link registration with abstract (re-) submission. That means that you need to register before you (re-) submit your abstract.

At the point of registration, you decide whether you participate in-person in Bremen or remotely via the virtual conference platform.

Further detailed information about what is included in each type of registration and the registration fees will be announced when registration opens. The fees for in-person and virtual attendance will be similar to what we already had announced for the planned 2020 in-person event and the completed 14th ICRS 2021 Virtual, respectively. Active participants of the 14th ICRS 2021 will be offered a discount in the registration fees for the 15th ICRS 2022.

We will open registration by mid of January 2022 and set the following fixed (i.e. no extension possible) deadlines:

  • February 23 for all in-person and virtual participants submitting new abstracts that need to be evaluated
  • March 16 for all in-person and virtual participants that re-submit abstracts that have already been evaluated
  • April 27 end of early bird registration for all non-presenting in-person and virtual participants
  • June 15 end of registration for all non-presenting in-person and virtual participants

We look forward to receiving your registration and to welcoming you at the 15th ICRS 2022 in Bremen.