Information for the accreditation as a press representative

In order to ensure an appropriate coverage from the 15th ICRS 2022 representatives of the press need to register in advance for accreditation. 

Accreditation is linked to the following requirements that need to be proofed by uploading the corresponding documents:

  • Holder of a valid press card for the duration of the 15th ICRS 2022 from one of the German professional organizations (e.g. DJV, dju, BDZV)
  • People, who can proof their occupation in journalism
    • with a recently published article (not older than six months)
    • with an official assignment of an editorial department with regard to the 15th ICRS 2022 (e.g. letter, contract)
  • Team members of a school magazine with an official certificate of the school


Blogger need to submit the web link to the blog or social media channel as a proof. The Blog should 

  • cover themes relating to the 15th ICRS 2022
  • have been online for more than one year
  • have regular posts
  • meet the standards of the 15th ICRS 2022


A copy of your ID or passport is mandatory for legitimation. 

The 15th ICRS 2022 Organizing Secretariat reserves the right to decide about the accreditation or to request additional proofs. There is no general right for accreditation.  

We look forward to getting your coverage from the 15th ICRS 2022 in Bremen!

If you have questions concerning your registration as a press representative, please email to